Varsity Band Reflection Page

VB Syllabi 201415

Kaleidoscope Concert Reflection

Listen to the concert recording for your ensemble and write comments about what you hear with each work. In your own words, tell me what you like and what you don’t like. Then, after listening to the whole performance, we will discuss the the six following areas.


  1. Tone Quality(Balance and Blend)
  2. Intonation/Pitch Accuracy
  3. Rhythm
  4. Technique
  5. Interpretation/Musicianship
  6. Articulation-Winds/Execution-Perc.

Classical Suite

Ritual Fire Dance

73 thoughts on “Varsity Band Reflection Page

  1. Needed more volume on anything lower than first trumpet balance was top heavy lacking the lower voices
    Rhythm was generally great and stayed together the whole time
    Bethelhem was great with the vibrato
    Zarathustra went great throughout the entire song
    Great guitar solo on sarajevo

  2. 1. We had good tone in Zarathustra.
    2. In Bethlehem I could barely hear the tubas in the recording and Nate had a beautifully played his trumpet. 3. In our last song I loved the timphany part it was a little loud at parts another thing over all we stayed together through out our three songs

  3. 1 the tone for the first song sounded fine. The amount of air we used could have been more. The technique was good. 2 the interpretation to the song by Nate on trumpet was good. The I think went well as well. 3 the pitch accuracy was OK the drums sounded good. The rhythm was pretty sound

  4. Zarathustra: wasn’t flawless but it was great. The organ was a good addition to the band for the piece
    Bethlehem: trumpet was a little shaky but he was great he stayed focused through the piece. We could’ve been louder as a band but i liked the laid back sensation of the quiet playing.
    Sarajevo: too much percussion for the size of the sound the winds were producing. had great progress from last concert but could’ve used more work and effort.

  5. zarathustra : performed well had good tone but we could have done more of a crescendo.
    Bethlehem : we held together well and had good tone also the twang on the trumpet added a nice effect.
    Sarajevo: the timpani as a bit loud and the guitar could have been louder with the rest of the band but given the size of the band we did week for all the pieces

  6. Zarathustra- good blend in the beginning
    Rhythm slightly off at the end
    Not loud enough
    O’little town of Bethlehem- slight pauses before entrances
    Recovered quickly after a mess up.
    Dynamics were executed well
    Pitches were almost all correct
    Christmas Eve Sarajevo-
    Articulation was there after the beginning then was lost
    The rhythm wasn’t lost for the most part
    Percussion was big/loud

  7. 1. Sounded a bit out of tune at times
    We could have done a better job on dynamics, we didn’t sound as loud as I thought we did
    2. I found the vibrato style in the piece to be very stylistic it’s nice to hear an artist that puts their own style in a piece, the pitch accuracy was ok we could have improved
    3. Articulation could have been better at some points, some of the Rythm weren’t very clear, we could have done a better job with our dynamics

  8. Zarathustra – seemed like it went well. Maybe needed more dynamic contrast, but that might have just been the recording.

    Bethlehem – vibration didn’t sound as bad as I thought.

    Christmas Eve – drums were still sort of loud and the trumpets missed some notes that we probably shouldn’t have.

  9. Zarathustra- sounded great and had good tone with decent blend.
    Bethlehem- did not sound the best but had good rhythm and tone was great.
    Sarajevo- percussion sounded good but was a little loud and Charlie’s guitar sounded cool.

  10. Zarathustra: Could articulate more, staying together, overall pretty good.

    O lil town of Bethlehem: Teenor section staying together, messed up the fun part at around m.26, nailed the money notes, good ending

    Christmas Eve Sarajevo: I liked it, overpowering drums, cybals came in early

  11. Zarathustra:
    Went well, trumpets could be louder, overall pitch was pretty spot on.
    First trumpet played very well with lots of style, tempo was consistent.
    Timpani needs to get the individual notes pulled off better. All slurred together. Add extra gain to the guitar, and ingress volume in the trumpets and lower instruments.

  12. Zarathustra was pretty decent, it was a little quiet but nobody stuck out. It didnt build up too much, but it did build. Bethlehem had a few errors, but nothing that was too bad. It sounded quiet and built up at the right spots. A couple high notes fell flat, but it sounded pretty. In Sarevejo all that I could hear was the drums, once or twice I heard the melody break. But It seemed that the longer the song went on the more comfortable we got, and it sounded much better.

  13. I thought our concert went exceptionally well. Our second song could have been better, our first song was not the best because it was shorter and it could have been louder. We did well in the tone of the songs. In our second song I felt as though we didn’t quite have the rythem down and we could have used a little bit more time on the song. Our third and final song I thought went very well. We got the rythem right and the right tone depth. Although our drums were way too loud.

  14. Zarathustra
    Tone quality was okay we could have been better.
    Pitch accuracy was okay as well
    Our rhythm was great
    Our technique was okay
    Our articualtuon was great
    Tone was great
    Pitch was great
    Rhythm was great
    Technique was okay
    Our articulation was great
    Serajevo 2015
    Tone quality was pretty good
    Pitch was okay but could use some help
    Rhythm was amazing!!
    Technique was okay
    Articulation could use help. We were not as tight as we could have been

  15. Our concert went well in my opinion, several mistakes all around but certainly nothing to get discouraged about.

    I suggest we play SKYFALL though, that’d be pretty neat.

  16. I thought our concert went well, I liked ghost busters the most. Ring of fire was good, I thought we played that loud and proud, Ave Maria was good but slow. I’m not a fan of slow music. March sounded like a Marching band song.

  17. I thought the concert went well, I really liked Ghost Busters, I love playing movie theme songs in band. I suggest we play more movie songs for next concert. I thought Ave Maria was a slower song and was kind of boring. Ring of fire was fun to play and I believe we did good. March and scherzo was fun to play.

  18. First four songs – we did a lot better during practice as well as had trouble with the pith as well as reaching some of the high notes but we held together well.

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