Co-Curricular Ensembles

Stillwater Jazz Ensemble – This ensemble meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 – 3:45 pm. Its purpose is to perform big band repertoire at the highest musical levels. This ensemble performs throughout the community and at local and regional festivals. Membership is by audition only. Current participation in another SAHS curricular ensemble is required for membership. Directed by Mr. Lindsay

Jazz Xtet Program – All students interested in jazz audition for our Jazz Xtets.  These groups (10 members)  are auditioned in the Spring of the year and work as labs for jazz style and improvisation.  They meet once a week for 75 minutes after school on Monday’s or Wednesday’s.  The schedule is flexible to allow our student musician athletes to work around their activity schedules. These ensembles will perform at all jazz concerts, festivals and will be active in the community.

Jazz Combos – Experiences in small group jazz improvisation are also available for students. Interested students should contact Mr. Lindsay.

Orchestral Winds – For members of the Concert Wind Symphony wishing to have an orchestral experience, membership in an orchestra is also a possibility. Auditions are held each September for membership.

Chamber Ensembles – The study of chamber music is essential of any serious musician. Through the coordination of the directors, ensembles will be established each year, which will allow students to explore this wonderful avenue for music making. Chamber Ensembles will utilize “flex time” as potential rehearsal time.

Pit Orchestra – Each year, the Stillwater Area High School Music and Theater Department produce a musical. Musicians interested in participating in the Pit Orchestra for the musical are encouraged to speak with a director concerning the show, personnel selection, and the rehearsal schedule.

Pony Pep Band – This student led ensemble provides music at home football games and select winter events. Participation is open to all students. Students interested in joining this ensemble should email Mr. Bryan.