Group Fundraising

Funding in public education is tight.  Although our district strongly supports Stillwater Music, the funding is simply not available to do what we do without extra resources. To help raise funds for the operation of the program, we have three ways that allows everyone to help.

Concert Tickets

All music concerts are ticketed at SAHS.  The purpose is to raise money through our primary mission, creating and performing music.  This allows our student musicians to focus on their music rather than a sales pitch.

100% of ticket revenue comes back to the music department. This revenue is used in the bands to rent/purchase music and acquire music supplies such as speciality instruments, mallets and mutes.  On average, we spend over $5000 a year beyond our district allocated budget in this area.  With our concert ticket revenue, we are able to continue to perform new and exciting works as well as maintain our extensive library with updates.