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What is Smart Music?

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To sign up for our Summer SMART MUSIC challenges, you will need need to get Samrt Music.  In order to use the software, you need to create a SmartMusic account and join the class using this code: GG46H-2WXX6.

1. Open a Chrome browser and visit:
2. When prompted for a class code, please enter:


This is the code for the SAHS Summer Scale Challenge Level 1.  Once you enroll in the class, you will be enrolled in the other challenges by the directors.  You will then be prompted to create an account if you do not have one already.

If you have any questions, let us know.


This summer, we are holding  three Smart Music practice challenges for scales, solos and sight reading.  Successful completion of a challenge level can award you with points toward your band letter (see lettering policy) and extra credit for next Fall.

The SMART MUSIC Scale Challenge follows the SAHS Band Scale Technique Levels.  When you open your smart music account, you will see that you are enrolled already in the first three levels of scales:  Level 1 (one octave Major and natural minor scales and arpeggios), Level 2 (one octave harmonic minor and arpeggios) and Level 3 (one octave melodic minor and arpeggios) in all twelve keys.  Additional levels will be added as you complete each challenge.  Successful completion of a level (earn an average grade of 95% or higher) earns 2 additional points toward your band letter and 25 points per level extra credit for your Fall Semester grade.  Remember to practice SLOWLY without mistakes before you increase tempo!  SMART practice makes perfect practice!

The SMART MUSIC Solo Challenge involves you preparing a solo from the  Instrument Resources solo lists. Students completing this challenge successfully will be eligible for performance at the Student Fall Honors Recital, September 12, @ 7:00PM  (earning 4 points toward your letter!).  All solos must be approved by a Mr. Bryan or Mr. Lindsay.  

The Jazz Challenge involves memorizing and soloing over the basic 28 Blues heads or 9 Rhythm Changes heads we used in the jazz auditions.  For every tune you complete, you will earn 1 point toward your jazz letter.  To sign up for this challenge, contact Mr. Lindsay.

The SMART MUSIC Sight-reading Challenge is also available for you in your SMART MUSIC account.  For each individual exercise you receive a score of 85% or more will earn 5 bonus points for your Fall Semester sight reading grades. To improve your sight reading, follow the SAHS Bands Sight reading tips.