Smart Music

The Stillwater Bands have adopted the use of an amazing online music practice resource called smart music.  It is, by far, the most powerful tool created to allow students to practice smarter.

Stillwater Area High School Band students have access through a TEACH platform that allows the directors to assign content.  This will be extremely helpful to students not only in concert preparation and solo work, but also to advance their technical abilities through smart practice.   ALL SAHS BAND STUDENTS have access to this amazing program both at school and at home.  To learn more, click the links below.

What is Smart Music?

How do I get Smart Music?

Nearly all of our students have registered for their free account through smart music. This allows them to log on at home and see material assigned in class.  It also gives them access to other resources to improve their technique and work on music for their ensembles.  Students wishing to have complete access to all Smart Music content will need their own subscription.

How do I get my own subscription?

Smart Music Subscriptions are available for purchase on Fee Pay at $23.  Please allow a week for the subscription to process.