Students receive a letter grade for their participation in band at the end of each academic term. Their grade is determined in the following five areas.

Performance – This is the major focus of the ensembles at Stillwater Area High School. A performance calendar is posted and all concerts are required by all members. It is expected that all members have checked their calendars ahead of time and have made these performances a priority.

DailyRehearsal and Practice – This represents the student’s preparation and practice of assigned material. This consists of any material in the folder. A student may be asked to perform this material at anytime for the director. General attitude, attendance and student behavior are also a major part of this grade.

Technique Assessment – Scales, arpeggios, percussion rudiments, warm-up routines, and tuning will be assessed on an ongoing basis during rehearsals and once every quarter on an individual basis. Through consistent practice, students will find this the most useful section for developing their playing skills. Technique is leveled by a numerical system through which each student can advance at their own pace. Each ensemble also uses a technique book as part of its curriculum.

Performance Examination – Performances of soloswill be evaluated to measure the student’s musical growth. Students will be able to choose the repertoire for their solo exams and are encourage to seek the advice of their private teachers. All solo exam selections must be submitted to the director by October 1 of the fall semester for approval and scheduling on the Solo Festival in January.

Music Theory and History – This material consists of historical data, musical analysis, and music theory, study of style, and music listening and evaluation. Students will be encouraged to keep a notebook in their folder and keep detailed notes. Use of these notebooks will be allowed on all tests.

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