Welcome to the Stillwater Band

Introducing the 2017-18 Stillwater Area High School Bands.  Congratulations on your outstanding auditions.  These are all wonderful ensembles.

Please note Call Backs are listed below.  If your name is listed here, please contact Mr. Lindsay to schedule a time for a Call Back lesson.


Allison Shore, Evan Dybvig, Wyatt Ecker, Ben Bornmann, Everett Martin, Nick Eischens, Andrew Craft, Hannah Beech, Miranda Bergen, Robert Niemann and McKenzie Coyle.

Auditions will continue until all bands are filled.  Each band’s open chairs/needs are listed below its personnel list.


Symphonic Band

Joel Bryan and Dennis Lindsay, Co-Directors

Zachary Coyle Flute
Ella Nelson Flute
Molly O’Connell Flute
Grace Pearson Flute
Maria Supan Flute
Kathleen Pothen Oboe
Rosa Andrews Clarinet
Norah Bates Clarinet
Teresa Campbell Clarinet
Justus Coyle Clarinet
Abigail Daum Clarinet
Kaya Hodgdon Clarinet
Elizabeth Lencowski Clarinet
Mia Lucido Clarinet
William Stonehouse Bass Clarinet
Eli Gruendemann Alto Saxophone
Ian Hanlon Alto Saxophone
Andrea Kaiser Alto Saxophone
Joseph Kargel Alto Saxophone
Jaclyn Kulzer Alto Saxophone
Nicholas Nelson Alto Saxophone
Erick Votava Alto Saxophone
James Whitehead Alto Saxophone
Brady Schmiechen Tenor Saxophone
Allison Shore Tenor Saxophone
Casey Venske Tenor Saxophone
Brady Bates Baritone Saxophone
Amelia Lehmann Baritone Saxophone
Spencer Baker Trumpet
Jacob Bloom Trumpet
Travis Carlson Trumpet
Gavin Carlson Trumpet
Harrison Gimpel Trumpet
Jack Hansen Trumpet
Jack Hietpas Trumpet
Jonah Hoff Trumpet
Gaven Howard Trumpet
Finn Kraker Trumpet
Henry Lawrence Trumpet
Benjamin Norton Trumpet
Charles Olson Trumpet
Tyler Smith Trumpet
Jack Welsh Trumpet
Heather Wiehe Trumpet
Griffin Brod French Horn
Adam Gaertner Trombone
Justin Le Trombone
Cooper McCurdy Trombone
Dylan McKellips Trombone
Tyler Olson Trombone
Ethan Onken Trombone
Donovan Roddy Trombone
Grant Hymes Euphonium
Connor Lange Euphonium
Evin Roddy Euphonium
Nicholas Walters Euphonium
Christopher Miller Tuba
Andrey Schilling Tuba

The Symphonic Band is seeking musicians interested in switching to bassoon, bass Clarinet, french horn and tuba.  Please contact the directors for more information.

Percussion Ensemble

Dennis Lindsay, Director

Cyril Anuforo Percussion
Mitchell Ardolf Percussion
Richard Benton, Jr. Percussion
Greta Bliss Percussion
Brady Bottolfson Percussion
Ezra Budish Percussion
Catherine Eliason Guitar and Percussion
Austin Fierro Percussion
John Franklin Percussion
Eleanor Grace Percussion
Levi Hutton Percussion
Milan Jostes Percussion
Madeline Koltun Percussion
John Lindberg Percussion
Gunnar Lindquist Percussion
Carter Maas Percussion
Anna Neal Percussion
Dylan Olson Guitar and Percussion
Lucas Polucha Percussion
Megan Puhrmann Percussion
Isaiah Riehle Percussion
Lauren Rogers Percussion
Max Rosenmeier Percussion
Dyland St. George Percussion
Thomas Whitehead Percussion

The Stillwater Percussion Ensemble is looking for pianists, bassist and guitarists.  Please talk to Mr. Lindsay for more information.

Concert Band

Dennis Lindsay and Joel Bryan, Co-Directors

Else Anderson Flute
Rachel Fogelberg Flute
Isabel Goetzke Flute
Olivia Olson Flute
Catherine Price Flute
Abigail Kyllo Oboe
Sherilyn Patterson Oboe
Madison Kulzer Clarinet
Elizabeth Milker Clarinet
Elsa Martin Alto Clarinet
Jackson Carter Bass Clarinet
Nicholas Hong Bass Clarinet
Isaac Welshons Bass Clarinet
Kevin Jaap Alto Saxophone
Peter Leach Alto Saxophone
Robert Thueson Alto Saxophone
Carlos Andrews Tenor Saxophone
Andrew Edwards Tenor Saxophone
Jack Ford Tenor Saxophone
Anthony Ingram Tenor Saxophone
Vincent Phan Tenor Saxophone
Reid Schlosser Tenor Saxophone
Eleanor Grace Trumpet
Tyler Johnson Trumpet
Samuel Johnson Trumpet
Thomas Watry Trumpet
Xavier Weston Trumpet
Benjamin Wrightsman Trumpet
Connor Kapfer French Horn
Daria McGee Trombone
Cecil Meredith Trombone
Scott Swanson Trombone
Alexander Demoss Baritone TC
Brandon Pott Tuba
Isaac Reiner Tuba

The Stillwater Concert Band is seeking musicians to audition for clarinet.  We are also seeking saxophonists to learn to play clarinet,  bassoon, bass clarinet and brass players interested in learning to play french horn. Contact the directors for more information.

Wind Ensemble

Joel Bryan, Director

Britta Borrman Flute
Maria Kratz Flute
Morgan MacDonald Flute
Hayley Menzel Flute
Adelyn Oberg Flute
Carolina Rivas Olvera Flute
Emma Weber Flute
Miranda Bergen Oboe
Carina Block Oboe
Kelsey Fuglestad Oboe
Robert Niemann Bassoon
Colin Welch Bassoon
McKenzie Coyle Clarinet
Molly Harris Clarinet
Lauryn Hoff Clarinet
Sandra Liu Clarinet
Alicia Soltero Clarinet
Samantha Taylor Clarinet
Jason Becker Alto Saxophone
Jack Horning Alto Saxophone
Jacob Hulteen Alto Saxophone
Allison Kobilka Alto Saxophone
Sawyer Sawotin Alto Saxophone
Jordan Schwingler Alto Saxophone
Benjamin Borrman Tenor Saxophone
Evan Dybvig Tenor Saxophone
Wyatt Ecker Tenor Saxophone
Peter Grace Tenor Saxophone
Adam Johnson Tenor Saxophone
Luke Cullen Baritone Saxophone
Everett Martin Baritone Saxophone
Tyler Clark Trumpet
Lauren Doe Trumpet
Benjamin Johnson Trumpet
Hailey Jostes Trumpet
Joshua Framke French Horn
Grant Hietpas French Horn
Zachary Johnson French Horn
Patrick McDowell French Horn
Ryan Balfanz Trombone
Jeremiah DuPree Trombone
Hannah Farmer Trombone
Andrew Craft Euphonium
Nicholas Eischens Baritone BC
Jacob Sweetland Baritone TC
Karl Gaertner Tuba
Aaron Saarannen Tuba
Jack Wallace Tuba
Elizabeth Bliss Percussion
Jacob Jackson Percussion
James Kurtz Percussion
Celeste Pawelski Percussion
Vivian Marchan Piano

The Stillwater Wind Ensemble is seeking musicians to audition for trumpet and percussion.  We are also  seeking saxophonists wishing to learn to play clarinet, bass clarinet and bassoon.  Please contact the directors for more information.

The Stillwater Wind Symphony

Dennis Lindsay, Director

Anna Duerr Flute
Levi Gregg Flute
Amy Longtin Flute
Jessica Matteson Flute
Laura Schulz Flute
Allison Shaw Flute
Hannah Sween Flute
Caroline Wrightsman Flute
Grace Zimmer Flute
Thomas Meyer Oboe
Paula Burgos Bassoon
Cassie Ales Clarinet
Sophie Browning Clarinet
Zachary Carlson Clarinet
Katy Hohenstein Clarinet
Jack Maloney Clarinet
Kaitlyn Matteson Clarinet
Jordyn Obey Clarinet
Isabella Portelli Clarinet
Cecelia Romportl Clarinet
Rachel Sweet Clarinet
Maya Yokanovich Clarinet
Jonathon Mino Bass Clarinet
Emma Albrecht Alto Saxophone
Hayden Block Alto Saxophone
Mikayla Cousineau Alto Saxophone
Matthew Crowell Alto Saxophone
Elias Roll Alto Saxophone
Erin Bloom Tenor Saxophone
Anna Novalany Baritone Saxophone
Carl Bohacek Trumpet
Emily Fjestad Trumpet
Chester Hearne Trumpet
Brienna Johnson Trumpet
Brian OIson Trumpet
Katie Wallace Trumpet
Hunter Wiehe Trumpet
Ava Yokanovich Trumpet
Louisa Zeuli Trumpet
Nicholas Burbach French Horn
Catherine Clements French Horn
Joshua Ebner French Horn
Keyan Shayegan French Horn
John Batterton Trombone
Eric Fernandez Trombone
Alexander Gritters Trombone
Daniel Smallidge Trombone
Joseph Weckwerth Trombone
Nathan Doely Tuba
Nathan Haupt Tuba
Greta Bliss Percussion
Max Korth Percussion
Justin Phan Percussion
Louis Oesterreich Piano

The Stillwater Wind Symphony is seeking musicians to audition for Oboe, Bassoon, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba and Percussion.  Please contact Mr. Lindsay to schedule an audition.