Band Auditions

Auditions for placement in Wind Ensemble and the Stillwater Wind Symphony are ongoing.    GO TO THIS LINK TO SIGN UP.

All 8th graders auditioning for placement into Wind Ensemble should 

If you are new student to the Stillwater Schools or and entering freshman who does not have access to Smart Music, please contact us and we can help get you access to these materials

After auditions, students will be placed in auditioned ensembles and schedules will be changed through the SAHS counseling department. All audition results will be posted at on May 21, 2022.  Student’s who audition after that date will be placed immediately after their audition.

Audition Requirements

  1. Scales – All students will be asked to play two scales. Scales will include at least two major scales and two natural minor scales, from any of the twelve keys. A complete listing of Major and Natural minor scales have been provided in SMART MUSIC.  A minimum of one octave is required. Students wishing to play their scales more than one octave or expand into harmonic and melodic minor are strongly encouraged to do so.
  2. Prepared Solo – All students are expected to perform music or a solo of their choosing. It should not exceed three minutes in length and should demonstrate both musical and technical playing. Playing partial sections of a solo or etude is fine. 
  3. Excerpts for Wind Ensemble are available on the Smart Music audition Class.
  4. Sight-reading – All students will be given a short excerpt of sight reading. The sight- reading excerpts will be taken from Smart Music sight reading exercises.