Orchestral Winds

Students in the Stillwater Wind Symphony will be asked by Mr. Lindsay to perform as a member of the Orchestral Winds throughout the school year. Each concert rotates membership and part assignments, depending on instrumentation needs.  This allows many of our musicians to experience this performance opportunity.

As orchestral playing is nearly always one on a part and parts often feature advanced technical and solo playing, only students advancing their technical and musical skills will be considered.  Once you are assigned parts for a specific concert, you will be responsible for all sectionals, rehearsals and practice associated with that performance.

All sectionals are lead by Mr. Lindsay or Mr. Bryan.  Student musicians are expected to have parts learned before full orchestra rehearsals begin with the strings! In school rehearsals occur during fifth hour Wind Symphony..

Performances for Orchestral Winds include the Fall Orchestra Concert in November, the Winter Concerts in December, a daytime performance at SEC Music Festival and the Concerto Concert in late May.


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