College Honor Bands

There are many colleges and universities that sponsor honor bands as a way to recruit new students.  For you, it is an excellent way for you to visit a college or university and get to know how it feels to be on campus.  In addition, the bands are usually quite good and you will enjoy making music in this environment.

Below are links to several fine honor bands with the date nominations/Auditions are due.

Concordia College Honor Band – April 6-8, 2018, Audition Tape required

University of Minnesota Duluth Honor Bands – October 13-14 – Director Nominations Due September 25.

Gustavus Adolphus College Honor Band  November 4-5, 2018, Nominations due October 5, 2018

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Honor Band Saturday, November 2, 2019, Nominations due September 25.

University of Minnesota Twin Cities Honor Band – January 219-21, 2018- Audition Application Due November 1, 2017

St. Olaf Festival of Bands – Saturday, November 11, 2017 ALL DAY – Director Nomination Due 10/13/2017

University of Minnesota Mankato Honor Band – January 26, 2018, Nomination forms due 11/10/2017

Winona State University Honor Band – November 3-4, 2017, Nomination forms due 9/25/2017.