Philosophy – The purpose of the Stillwater Area High School Band Program is to provide high quality opportunities for each individual student in performing, listening, and creating music. By developing an appreciation of music in the context of aesthetic education, it is the intent of the program to instill a life-long love of music in each student.

Content – To bring the stated philosophy alive in the classroom, the Stillwater Bands have adopted a “comprehensive approach” to the delivery of the music curriculum. In their program, every student will have the opportunity to experience music in a historical, technical, creative, and emotional context. This is in keeping with district curriculum, MN State Arts Standards and the Music Educators National Conference Guidelines. Through this approach, the individual students’ creativity is celebrated, strong work ethics are developed, and a rich and positive learning environment is created.

Expectations – Students and parents regard participation in the Stillwater Band Program as a valuable part of a well-rounded education. Character building and the development of a personal responsibility are integral to this experience. The success of the entire band program relies on the continued participation of both the students and parents in their musical growth. The demands for this program are extremely high. The result is excellence.