Participation in a Stillwater Area High School ensemble is a unique lab experience in which a majority of the work is done in rehearsals. The evaluation of this work is then presented in a public performance. A member must be at rehearsals and concerts in order to benefit from this academic experience. However, this experience is unique in that a personal absence not only affects your performance, but that of the ensemble as well. Therefore, learn to consider your responsibility to your ensemble before you make scheduling decisions.

An ensemble can only perform at its best when every member is contributing. Due to this, attendance at all rehearsals and performances is expected. A complete calendar of performances is available here. It is expected that these dates will be shared with families and employers and that any conflicts will be resolved well before a problem arises. A missed rehearsal or performance will impact the daily grade. Absence or tardiness shows a lack of responsibility and self-discipline and will not be tolerated.

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