Concert Attire

Members of the Concert Wind Symphony and Wind Ensemble are required to purchase formal black outfits: long, black dresses or black tuxedos without tails. Appropriate black shoes and black socks or hose are expected. Tuxedo attire can be purchased at a reduce price of $110 through Savvi Formalwear in Maplewood. Fittings at SAHS will occur during rehearsals in mid September.  Dresses are fitted at the same time and are available new for $90 made payable to Stillwater Area HS.

Percussion Ensemble members are required to have an entirely black outfit consisting of a black pair of dress slacks, black dress shoes, black socks/hose and the Stillwater Percussion Ensemble Shirt.  Cost for the shirt is $20.

All members of the Concert Band and Symphonic Band are required to wear black slacks or long skirts (below the knee), long sleeved black shirt or black blouse, black socks/hose and black shoes (not sneakers).  A required  red tie or red accent scarf can be purchased through SAHS for $10.

Payments for both the purchase of tuxes, dresses, percussion ensemble shirts and scarfs/ties can be made through SmartschoolK12.

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