Lettering Policy

To be eligible to receive a letter in band you must meet the following prerequisites.

  1.   Perform in all scheduled concerts unless absence approved by conductor.
  2.   Have a “B” or higher both semesters each year.
  3. Received a total of 12 points in the categories listed below during a given academic year. Points do not carry over from year to year.


  • Solo Ensemble-MSHSL (not in school preliminaries)
    • Superior (5 points)
    • Excellent (4 points)
    • Superior (3 points) Ensembles
    • Excellent (2 points) Ensembles
  • Freshman Honors Recital Performer (5 pts)
  • MSHSL Honors Recital Performer (5pts)
  • Study with a private teacher on your instrument (5 points)
  • WS Section leader (2 points)
  • Attend an approved Music concert (1 point per concert, 3 points max)
  • Perform in the Pit for the musical (3 points)
  • Participate in an All-Conference ensemble at SEC festival (2 points)
  • Participate in an MMEA All-State Ensemble (3 points)
  • Participate in MYS, MYJB or GTCYS (3 points)
  • Serve as member of band council (3 points)
  • WS Chamber/Orchestral Winds(CO  – 4 pts)
  • Completion of additional SAHS Technique Scale Levels (2 points per level) beyond ensemble requirements.