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  1. A late reply, but nonetheless, music is one possession I will always keep close to heart. Whether it’s Bob Dylan or Eric Whitacre, music is clearly part of so many different aspects of everyday life. It’s your amusement on a long car ride; it’s an inside joke with your best friend; it’s an inspirational yet irrelevant lyric, poorly placed as the caption of some random Facebook picture; when it comes to Stillwater Bands, music is family.
    A handful of people in CWS this year are people that were there when I first was introduced to band in elementary school. Music, no matter what the genre or setting, brings a bunch of wacky, energetic kids together, like the second family I have in room B113.

  2. Music has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve applied It to many different situations. As a figure skater, ballet dancer and a flutist, I get to hear many genres and I have to learn to feel the music through movement. Whether it’s crescendos or de crescendos, quick staccato tempos or slow legato tempos. I’ve learned to appreciate how powerful and emotional music can be. Music is an expression expressed through a story, and everyone has their own story that’s related in a song or piece of music. It’s an honor to be a part of the concert wind symphony and it will be a great experience to create our own stories through the music we play.

  3. Music is a bit of everything. Its a melting pot of human ingenuity, creativity, and expression. It can be sad, happy, beautiful, and terrible, all in a single sound. That’s what makes music so wonderful; it can be whatever you make it to be.

  4. Music is a form of artistic expression. It allows us to express ourselves individually as well as an entire ensemble. When we all come together we are able to create a work of art, each instrument and player contributing to the piece.

  5. Music to me is self expression. It makes you lost in your own little word of rhythm and harmony. Music keeps me sane. I can’t go a single day without hearing any type of music.

  6. Music to me is how I express myself and it is an outlet for my emotions. It is something that I enjoy very much and I want to continue for the rest of my life.

  7. Music is an escape to a world of rhythm and harmony, free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a mode of expression more powerful than words that can bring together people from all walks of life. Being a member of this ensemble means I can enjoy making beautiful music in a group of some of the most talented and caring people I’ve met.

  8. Music is form of self expression. It is also unity, bringing together a variety of people.

  9. Music to me is a way to express myself. Its what I do for enjoyment which is why I spend almost all of my time doing something music related. It helps me calm down when I’m stressed; its my passion and I want to make music for the rest of my life whether is be clarinet or singing.

  10. Music to me is feeling. Mostly the feeling of joy. Whether I’m singing, dancing, or making music on my saxophone it just makes me happy:)

  11. Music, to me, is a way to create and express untapped emotions. It’s a huge stress reliever in my life, and it’s so fun!

  12. To me music is a way to express emotion through an instrument of sorts. It is a nonverbal way of connecting to others of all sorts of cultures. Its important to me because music is fun and I enjoy making music. Perhaps mozarts sonata isn’t as fun as a Lord of the rings medley but its better than sitting g in a pottery class with my hands covered in dirt.

  13. Music is self-expression and a worldwide connector. It is important to me because it is a feeling rather than a thought. Music brings people together. Music is poetry. Music puts sound to emotion and it has the power to change a person’s state of being all in a few notes. Being in CWS is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to feel music within a driven community every day.

  14. Music is a means for expression that is understood by the whole world. Being apart of a universal language is extrodanairy.

  15. Music surrounds us daily, whether it being on the radio, used in a movie, played at gatherings etc. We can’t ever escape sounds of joy, sorrow, calmness, tension etc. Music become a part of us. Everybody experiences dynamic emotions and music helps contain life. This ensemble brings out a real deep passion for music and a great amount of people here are driven everyday to let music become who they are. It’s a honor to be a part of this successful ensemble.

  16. To me music is quite amazing. You can tell stories through it and make others feel what you are feeling through it wetter it be happy or sad, excited or somber. There are just so many opportunities. It’s a way to express myself and band is only one way I use music like that, to show people what I feel. One reason this is so important to me is because I want to be part of a group that can do exactly that.

  17. Music is tangible emotion. It cries with us, laughs with us, spurs us on to victory or warns us to shy away. It is the pen we use when there are no words to express the contents of our hearts, the shield that protects us when we are beaten down. It befriends those who treat it with respect and persistence, rewards the shy and the gifted, the courageous and the proud. No switch can turn it off, no cage can hold it back. It is in all places at once, and is always playing for those lucky enough to be listening.

  18. Music is a means of expression and escape for many. When listening to or playing music you are able to forget every trouble in the world and you find yourself somewhere far away from reality. It is universally wonderful and touches everyone in some way. It’s a blessing to be able to say that I can make music, something that is such a beautiful phenomenon.

  19. To me, music is something I can lose myself in, When surrounded by the stress of ongoing life, music can be a breath of fresh air. Even just popping in an earbud can makes even some of the dullest things better. I’m in this ensemble because when a large group successfully makes music, the way it sounds and the way it feels is just amazing.

  20. Music is something that is heard and played all over the world. While playing in a group or playing solo, music brings people together.

  21. (warning: this response doesn’t 100% fit the prompt, but it’s what I thought of after reading the prompt so take it or leave it I suppose.)

    Music is fit for any and every situation and can not only help form original thoughts/feelings in the listener but also clarify or evoke thoughts/feelings that may have already existed but had been covered or buried by distractions, time, or otherwise.

    Listening to music can provide a bridge between people sharing the experience; this occurs at an even deeper level when people create and/or perform music.

    The connections that naturally occur between musicians while they create and/or perform together are difficult to describe; it’s an expression of raw emotion that cannot quite be expressed through conversation. This is very likely one of the reasons it is such a spectacular experience, and is surely a reason important enough for me to want to be a part of this ensemble.

  22. Music is a priority in my life because it expands my mind to discover new ideas and experiences in an atmosphere with very little pressure or stress. Music gives me a revamp in my crazy day while also teaching me how to work and listen to others in ways unparalleled by other subjects areas in school. Not only does this improve the way I learn and give me a refill of life in my stressful day but it also gives me the opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself with some of the smartest and most caring people that can be found at SAHS.

  23. Music is expression. If you are stressed or happy it is an amazing way to show your feelings. I think the music we will play this year will be difficult but a great challenge. Music is a different language that we all speak and will learn more and more of together as the year continues on.

  24. Music means movement and joy to me. It’s important for me to be in this ensemble because I want to extend my musical abilities.

  25. Music is not only something you hear but something you feel. Without feeling, it is simply noise. With feeling, it becomes a work of art that can be understood by everybody. It is the universal language.

  26. Music is a way to communicate, express oneself, relieve stress, and keep in touch with one’s emotions. There is no greater opportunity than to learn how to speak the language of music, because I often find that I can convey things through music that are simply inexpressible through speech or any other medium. It is my favorite part of the day when I get to walk into a room full of my peers that I get to share the language of music with.

  27. Music is the only way for people from anywhere and everywhere to come together to tell their life stories without needing words. It is a way to unwind from stress and routine and create something unique and beautiful.

  28. Music to me is entertainment and art that I can shape with my skills. It is also a legal mood altering activity.

  29. Music to me is a way to express yourself. It explains everything when words fail. It is also a source of stress relief.

  30. Music is emotion and sentiment expressed in sound. To me, music is like dreaming. I do not understand how I do it, but I cannot imagine not doing it.

  31. Music is the end result of the process of taking any number of different emotions and turning them into sound. Because it is more than just a sound, it is able to reach people in ways that nothing else can. Words are not truly able to describe just what exactly music is because it transcends language.

  32. Music to me is a way to express myself, along with simply being something that I enjoy doing. It is also a way to connect with people all around the world even if you speak different languages. The cooperative aspect of music can bring people together like nothing else.

  33. Music serves not only as an outlet for emotion, but also an inlet. Walking on Main Street USA in Disney World this year, I heard a Sousa march that immediately opened my mind to a barrage of memories of CWS and playing marches in band. This type of connection isn’t limited to musicians; it happens for everyone. Everyone has at least one connection of a song/artist/album to a specific memory in their lifetime. Music allows people to relive emotions of the past.

  34. Music is such a universal idea, and has no barriers…language, culture, distance, or anything else. It’s a way of connecting to almost anything, or anybody, and creates ideas and inspiration. It doesn’t matter if you’re 1 or 100, you are influenced every day by music.

  35. Music is my way of letting my feelings out. When I’m stressed, nervous, or just need a break, I play, and that makes me feel so good. I like having a “go to” when I just want to be alone, and music is that for me.

  36. Music is an outlet for human emotion; it serves as a way to express ourselves and tell stories. All cultures have music in some form, making it universally recognized, which allows it to transcend boundaries created by language barriers.

  37. Music is difficult to describe with measly words because music is the voice for things we don’t have words for. It’s an expression of thoughts and feelings.

  38. Music is one of the few aspects in my life where I’m completely happy. If I’m playing a song I like, I get excited about it. And I love what Haley said about it being the only language everyone can understand because it can bring out so many emotions and describe many different situations.

  39. Music is a form of expression that is more powerful than words. It means something to both the performer who worked hard to perfect and bring meaning to their performance, and the audience who may interpret the performance however they like. That’s part of what makes music so special, there is no “right” answer. It can be interpreted in any number of ways by each person who hears it.

  40. Music brings ordinary things to life and it is the only universal language that every single person can understand no matter what their situation.

  41. Music to me is expression in it’s purest form. It allows us to reveal parts of our personalities we didn’t even know we had.

  42. Music is compilation of a composers emotions and passions. It’s a means of expressing myself, a way to go all out and create amazing things that represent how much I enjoy it. It’s important because I love it as much as I love creating my art, it’s something I really do not wish to lose. The Wind Symphony is a way to improve my abilities, and further the sounds I am capable of producing.

  43. The music that we play is taking completely people from all sorts of backgrounds and turning us into one thing that is universally appreciated (No one can dislike music). We take everything that all of our members contribute to the band and share it everyone who listens us. Everyone in our ensemble was touched by some other source of music and that’s why we’re here now. Now we’ve become the source of the inspiration for others. Knowing that I’m part of something that affects everyone in some respect is really powerful. What strikes me is that despite that it’s such a personal thing that even sitting in the band room every day I’ve never met anyone who brings in or produces the exact same feelings. Music is the only thing that can do that.

  44. Music to me is the source of togetherness in many communitites, but also has a personal meaning to each individual that may vary from person to person.

  45. Music is the sound, movement and action which makes you feel accomplished, proud and in aw at the beauty of what is being produced. I’m in an ensemble because it’s one of the only places I can feel proud, accomplished and in aw all at one time.

  46. Music is emotion. It’s expression. It reflects the feelings of the artist and the people around them. It brings happiness. It brings people together.

  47. Music is beautiful and without it the world would be dull and emotionless.

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