Orchestral Chamber Winds

To all Wind Symphony Members:

Fall auditions for Orchestral Chamber Winds will be scheduled on Wednesday, Sept. 7 after school.  Musicians wishing to audition must be able commit to:

1.  Weekly Orchestral Chamber Winds Rehearsals – Schedule determined by member musicians and repertoire being performed.

2. All Performances and outside rehearsals as scheduled. A calendar will be provided.

3. Participation for the entire school year.

To register for a time, register at the link below..

Orchestra Chamber Winds 2016-17 Audition Sign Up

Audition excerpts have been taken from the following repertoire.  You will find the audition excerpts below as pdf files. Please note that each woodwind instrument has two pages.  Trombones have the first and third parts available. All of this repertoire will be performed this year.

Flute Auditions    Flute Auditions Pg 2

Clarinet AuditionsClarinet Auditions Pg 3

Oboe AuditionsOboe Auditions Page 2

Bassoon AuditionsBassoon Auditions, Pg 2

Trumpet Auditions – This part is written for Trumpet In C and needs to be read up one full step on Bb trumpet.

French Horn Auditions

Trombone Auditions – The first trombone part is written in Tenor Clef

Trombone BC Auditions

Tuba Auditions

Timpani Auditions – Other percussion will be added as needed, but the timpanist will remain constant.

Complete recordings of these pieces are provided below.

Octet in F Major – Allegro Moderato – Haydn – Audition music for Oboe, Bassoon and Clarinet

Octet in F Major – All movements – Haydn – This performance of the first movement is VERY fast.  That is why the link for that movement is provided above.  However, the second movement is very nice (this is the second excerpt….it is a theme and variation)

Petite Symphonie – Mvts 1-4 – Gounod – Audition Music for Flute….. The excerpts are taken from movements 2 and 3…the big flute solo starts about 6.20.  Listen to it all…..It is a beautiful piece of music!

Fanfare from La Peri – Dukas – Audition Music For All Brass

Symphony #5, Allegro – Beethoven – For Timpanists

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