Wind Ensemble Reflection Page

Kaleidoscope and Holiday Concert Reflection


Listen to the concert recording for your ensemble and write comments about what you hear with each work. In your own words, tell me what you like and what you don’t like. Then, after listening to the whole performance, we will discuss the the six following areas.


  1. Tone Quality(Balance and Blend)
  2. Intonation/Pitch Accuracy
  3. Rhythm
  4. Technique
  5. Interpretation/Musicianship
  6. Articulation-Winds Execution – Perc.


SAHS Music Rubric

44 thoughts on “Wind Ensemble Reflection Page

  1. The tone was alright, but there could have been more intense dynamic changes. Our P/PP should be softer and our F/FF should be a whole lot louder

  2. The second concert definitely had more improvement than the first one, tone and intonation improved slightly but could have been a lot better. Definitely a big improvement with musicianship and articulation, however, there were definitely noticeable errors in articulation and rythm in both concerts which I think we should definitely work on and listen to one another more.

  3. 1st:
    Tone Good, 5/5, trumpets need to be more clear and bright.
    Intonation was alright. 3/5
    Rhythm was spotty, very inconsistent. 3/5
    Technique was usually good, but there were a few slipups. 4/5
    Musicianship. Weak. Phrasing and dynamics need help. 2/5
    Articulation. Consistent and accurate, but should be more pronounced. 4/5

    Tone. Heavy tonal improvements. Brighter still in trumpets. 5/5

    Intonation has improved, but could still be tighter. 4/5

    Rhythm is in the same boat as Intonation. 4/5

    Technique pretty much stayed stagnant. 3/5

    Musicianship clearly on the rise! 3.5/5

    Articulation more pronounced, sounds a lot better. 4.5/5

  4. Percussion set the framework pretty well for everyone- rhythm. In sleigh ride the articulation could be more clear. In tone we could take more time to tune. For technique I think we did a good job at attacks and entrances. The balance could be better if we go over volume control in rehearsals

  5. Our tone and pitch is definitely off in some areas, and the balance between lower and higher instruments is not balanced well. Soloists need to be heard more as well. Our rhythms were pretty accurate, although we tended to slow tempo in some parts. The musicality was not great; need more dynamics. Our articulations were pretty good, in some sections we needed to be more articulate.

  6. For the kaleidoscope concert, the tone of the band was, overall, decent (Definitely could have been better). The note accuracy was present; few errors in the tenor section. The intonation was unbalanced, evident during some parts of “A Little Tango Music.” The rhythm too was spotty in more challenging sections. The technique was solid across the band, could’ve used a little more control over the attacks and releases. The dynamics too were spotty; not an adequate amount of attention. The musicianship was evident throughout the concert, however the saxophones came through during “A Little Tango Music”

    For the holiday concert, the tone was significantly more focused throughout the band. No noticeable errors in note pitch or accuracy. The band placed themselves, fir the most part, well within their respective context. Solid rhythm across the songs, no unnecessary drops or accelerations. Evident that the band understood the technique for each song; distinct for each. Proper articulation across the band, few mistakes or “misjudgments.” The musicianship was on full display during “Sleigh Ride” and “Brazilian Bell Carol” from the Wind Ensemble; band thoroughly enjoyed playing each piece.

  7. Tone: Tone quailtyninmproved greatly between concerts.
    Intonation: Intonation wasn’t the best on the first concert but go better at the winter concert. The British Eight trumpet section was weak with playing the high c’s
    Rhythm: Rhythm wasn’t always together on the first concert and was for the most part on the winter one.
    Technique: Attacks and releases were mediocre on the first concert and I think they improved a lot on the second concert.
    Interpretation: Dynamics were pretty good on both concerts.
    Articulation: the articulation was good as far as I could tell but I noticed it was slightly lacking at the beginning of British Eight for the trumpets.

  8. Kaleidoscope Concert: I think the British Eighth sounded pretty good. Percussion was pretty accurate and you could actually hear the cymbals and it wasn’t terrible so I think I did good. The Tango had really good dynamics especially at the beginning. Although, it sounded kind of off key in the middle. I like the precise sound of the castanets. We did the slowing down and speeding up parts very well. All in all I think this concert had good tone, rhythm, and accuracy.
    Winter Concert: Patapan was a stuggle. I couldn’t play my part very well and I screwed up a bit. I think the band sounded good but we need to work on the dynamics. Intonation and articulation was good. In Midieval Christmas I think James and I got the drums at the beginning to be pretty accurate although I did miss a few. Again, not much dynamics. Have to admit I’m not very good at suspended cymbals so that could have been better. The bells and chimes were a little off on timing. Dynamics were great in this one. In Yorkshire Ballad I landed my 2 notes correctly! I think the piece sounded beautiful and everyone sounded accurate. Also, the bells and triangle played at the correct time at the end. The triangle wasn’t as clear as it could have been though. Sleigh Ride sounded great. Tony did a great job on sleigh bells, although, I do feel he sped up a little at the beginning. The triplets on the temple blocks could have been clearer. The whipcrack sounded great and very accurate. Tone was great.
    All in all I think we just need to work on dynamics and making sure we have our parts down so they can be accurate.

  9. Tone- Fairly good, balance could use work when in loud sections of pieces.
    Intonation- Upper winds need more tuning, they need to not only tune to each other but also to the lower end of the band.
    Rhythm- Some pieces were a lot better than others, much better in winter concert. When slowing down it sometimes falls apart a little, speeding up is fine.
    Technique- Sections holding notes for different amounts of time is happening.
    Interpretation- Needs much more dynamics.
    Articulation- Seemed fine, nothing stood out to me.

  10. Tone quality improved between Kaleidoscope and the Winter concert, but some areas where the horns clearly stand out of place. Pitch Accuracy was not much of a problem, and where I knew I missed a note you couldn’t pick it out super well. Rhythm was consistently good except in the beginning of patapan where some parts sounded like we didn’t know what we were playing. Technique was overall well done. Horns could play more musically to blend in a bit better. Articulation was usually pretty good, especially on the part where ‘horns shouldn’t be better than you!’ (Patapan bell tones)

  11. Tone quality (especially balance) needs work. This will allow the solos and melody to come through easier. Pitch accuracy and rhythm are pretty good, but needs work to keep a steady tempo. Dynamics are good, except for letting solos come through. Overall, articulation was good, but some places it could be a bit stronger.

  12. The balance between the lower and higher instruments could be improved, the low instruments tend to play a little too loud sometimes, they should instead attempt to blend the sound rather than overpower. Tempo slowed down in some songs, work on keeping the beat. Musicianship is impeccable.

  13. Dynamics for me as well as the rest of the band could be better along with the timing/rhythm to make us sound more musical.

    • The rhythm is good for most of the songs but sometimes gets a little off. Technique is all pretty good. Technique is good but could be a little better. Articulation is sometimes a little off in ensembles.

  14. I have watched the concert in my one time. Sound/tone of playing is good. Dynamics could be a tad bit lighter to get a more mellow sound. We stayed together well, pitch could also be a bit better.

  15. Tone: tone quality could be improved throughout. Although our tone and blend improved from the first concert to the second.
    Intonation: Overall pitches and intonation were accurate.
    Rhythm and technique: No major errors stood out. Consistent temp and rhythm throughout that band also improved from the first to second concert. Entrances/attacks could improve.
    Musicianship: great during both concerts
    Articulation: notes could be articulated much stronger, especially in quicker song such as marches, notes seem to mesh together. Dynamics could also improve overall.

  16. The tome was pretty good, and landed a lot of the tricky notes. The louder instroments needed to work on getting down and allowing the melody to come through. With the musicianship it wasn’t quite like we completely understood the drama of each of the songs. We need to work on the attacks a little more, we weren’t great at emphasizing all of the notes that needed to be emphasised

  17. I think that on the second concert, there was a lot better balance and intonation, but the rhythms were a little bit worse. This was probably because they were harder songs. You are better able to hear the melody. All of the flutes seemed to have a little bit better control of their high notes, especially the piccolo. .

  18. Kaleidoscope: First song could improve with more articulation in clarity in the notes in the beginning.

    Winter: Mid evil had good sound and intonation throughout

  19. Overall togetherness on the first concert was very good. On the holiday concert in general, it felt like our timing was off. The sound balance was also a bit askew at some parts of Patapan and Yorkshire. However, dynamics and tone sound great on both concerts.

  20. The balance in some parts is off in some parts, people being too loud. The tone of higher pitches is off, needs some work. Rythm is pretty consistent, some difficult parts could use more work. Technique is all fine throughout. Musicianship is fine, more dynamic contrast would be great. Articulation isn’t always matching within sections.

  21. We had good pitch and tone, but the attacks on each note could have been clearer. The technique on some pieces were very good, but a little muddled on others.

  22. For the first concert, I think the band as a whole played fairly well for the beginning of the year and the amount of time we had to prepare for it.

    The winter concert was much better in pitch and tone quality. Also the band is more together. I think Ben and I, the first trumpets in Coventry carol, we’re pretty on time with each other, and we’re definitely together rhythm wise.

  23. We were usually well blended; occasionally lacking proper balance (varied by piece and even sections of each piece).
    Overall intonation was accurate.
    Some rhythms challenged our ability to stay together. These were heard commonly though when/if errors in articulation occurred.
    Minor technical errors, but none really stood out.
    As an ensemble more musicianship and more thoughtful insight on our pieces would be beneficial.
    Overall articulation was usually together.

  24. Kaleidoscope concert
    Pitch could’ve been a little better…
    we stayed together for the most part!
    Holiday concert
    Much better we all know how to balance way more than the beginning of the year
    Intonation is much better
    Overall way way way better than the first concert

  25. 1: Tone was decent throughout. Could improve
    2: could have better pitch on high notes. Gets sharp
    3: good, need to make sure we dont slow down throughout. Work on entrances and clean finishes
    4: make sure to listen to everyone, balance couod have been better
    5: technique definitely got better from first concert.
    6: Focus on dynamics
    7: articulation gets a little messy but got better on the second show

  26. Holiday concert
    1. Tone: mostly clear and focused with some exceptions could be related to recording quality
    2. Intonation: pitches are mostly accurate but there are some minor inaccuracies
    3. Rhythm: mostly steady
    4. Technique: sections without the melody sometimes overpower
    5. Musicianship: dynamics could be more extreme
    6. Articulations: mostly sharp little fuzzy sometimes

  27. Kaleidoscope:
    1. Tone quality: good, a little inconsistent
    2. Intonation / pitch accuracy: very good, high notes in woodwinds are a little pitchy in first piece.
    3. Rhythm: good, slowed down a little in first one
    4. Technique: good, nice dynamics.
    5. Musicianship: very nice on second piece.
    6. Articulation: pretty good, little messy at some points.

    1. Tone: better than kaleidoscope
    2. Pitch: good, high notes are a little rough but better than kaleidoscope.
    3. Rhythm: Fairly constiatant and didn’t slow much. Better than kaleidoscope.
    4. Technique: good dynamics.
    5. Musicianship: very well done.
    6. Articulation: pretty good, could use a little cleaning up.

  28. Some parts we slowed down and some parts we got faster but we fixed those moments by listening to each other

  29. Kaleidescope concert:
    Good rhythm and technique.
    Everyone looks uniform.
    Balance and blend was good
    Holiday concert:
    The music choice was good
    The technique, rhythm, and intonation were good.
    The overall tone was good

    • Kaleidoscope:
      Tone- okay but could better throughout the band, the solos/melody was covered too much
      Intonation/Pitch- pitch could’ve been better in the woodwinds
      Rhythm- rhythm was good, the percusion helped with that
      Technique- overall was good, could be improved
      Musicianship- the dynamics and knowing where the melody should be worked on
      Articulation- good articulation

      Tone- tone improved and the bend was a lot better
      Intonation/Pitch- there were small pitch problems but they didn’t stand out
      Rhythm- rhythm was steady and controlled
      Technique- improved from the last concert
      Musicianship- the melody stood out more and dynamics got better
      Articulation- could be more cleaner but got better from last concert

      The entire band was better at the Holiday concert than the Kaleidoscope concert.

  30. Pitch was overall fine but there were issues within sections that occasionally showed through, particularly in upper reeds and trumpets. 3/5
    Balance/tone was good, not amazing but also not bad. 4/5
    Rhythm was for the most part very good and there were few of any noticeable mistakes. 5/5
    Again, technique appeared to be good with few noticeable errors and appears to aid in musicality throughout the band. 5/5
    Musicianship was not as present as desired. While basic musicality was present, there was little depth or direction. 3/5
    Articulations were mostly accurate, with severa noticeable slip ups, typically with a phrase being tongued where it should have been slurred. 4/5

  31. 1. Tone: is a little fuzzy
    2. Intonation: some inaccuracies in pitch but mainly consistent
    3. Rhythm: fluctuates and is notability slower in some sections
    4. Technique: some weak attacks and late realeases
    5. Musicianship: could show more dramatic dynamics
    6. Articulations: mostly clear but, could be more precise in all sections

  32. Tone quality was good, with good intonation. Rhythm in some places was great, but difficult in others.

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