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  1. 1. Practice and rehearsal can be controlled as well as tuning, and set up. Most things can be controlled, but it takes time and effort to do so.

    2. What things do you need to work out with others for a good performance to occur? The volume of different instruments need to fit, so the main parts can be heard with the right amount of harmony. Tuning to each other makes a huge difference in the overall sound. The rhythm’s and rests need to fit with each other as the music says.

    3. What is the difference between “practice”, “rehearsal” and “performance”?Practice- individual preparation for rehearsal, working on theory, scales, rhythm patterns, as well a trouble spots in your concert music. Rehearsal- Coming together as a group and running through music, helping each other find problems, and finding your own problems that occur when you’re with the full group. Performance- the big moment when all the hard work is put together and played for an audience.

  2. Tone quality: 4
    Intonation/pitch accuracy: 3
    Rhythm: 4
    Technique: 4
    Interpretation/musicianship: 4
    Articulation: 4

  3. Tone Quality: 3-4
    Intonation: 3-4
    Rhythm: 3.5
    Technique: 4-5
    Interpretation/musicianship: 5
    Articulation: 4

  4. Tone quality—4

  5. Tone: 4
    Intonation: 3
    Rhythm: 3
    Technique: 3
    Articulation: 3

  6. Tone: 4
    Pitch accuracy: 4
    Rythm: 3
    Technique: 3
    Interpretation/ musicianship: 4
    Articulation winds: 4

  7. Tone quality – 4
    Pitch accuracy – 4
    Rhythm – 4
    Technique – 4
    Musicianship – 5
    Articulation – 3

  8. Tone Quality – 4
    Intonation – 3.5
    Rhythm – 5
    Technique – 5
    Musicianship – 4
    Articulation – 4

  9. Tone: 5
    Intonation/Pitch: 4
    Rhythm: 4
    Technique: 4
    Interpretation/Musicianship: 4.5
    Articulation: 5

  10. 1. Tone 4
    2. Intonation 3.5
    3. Rhythm 3
    4. Technique 4
    5. Musicianship 2
    6. Articulation 3

  11. 3. Practice is your individual work on spots that are troublesome. Rehearsal is bringing the whole band together to perfect the music as an ensemble. Performance is where we show what we have done with the music. Everyone must bring their A game.

  12. 3) practice- you play what you don’t know to get better at it
    rehearse- you play what you practiced with the band and tie everything together
    perform- you play with the band and play the correct notes, tempo, and rhythms hopefully perfectly

  13. Apparitions: The song sounded terrific, everything blended together great, and technique/rhythm was almost flawless. The dynamics added to the mysterious effect of the music.

    Danse Diabolique: The rhythm and technique got sloppy at times, with different sections not blending into each other. The articulation of wind instruments was not as precise and clear in some trickier spots as it could have been. However, the rhythm sounded solid in the waltz part. Overall, the music had a nice effect with good tone and transitions between sections.

    1. The part of a performance you can control is yourself and every part of the performance you are a part of. Some examples are technique, intonation, tone, and articulation.

    2. For a good performance to occur, individual players need to work out their blend with others, how they match sounds. Groups also must match their dynamics and rhythm so that everything flows together, and no single player takes away from the others.

    3. Practice: a practice is where you look through the music and acknowledge what parts have problems. This is where you work through and fix the problems. Rehearsal: a rehearsal is a practice performance where you play through music just like you would in a concert and make any final adjustments. This is where players put together all the different sections of a song and make it flow, as well as practice posture and musicianship. Performance: a performance is the actual concert. During a performance you don’t look back on anything, and play through the repertoire professionally.

  14. I think both songs sounded good overall.
    1. We can control how we are set up, and our own sounds.
    2. Having more practice with people that play similar parts, or soloists that play together.
    3. Practice is when you and maybe a few other people play parts of the song you are having trouble with. Rehearsal is when the large group you play with plays together and works to find the best sound they can get together. Performance is when the large group plays in front of an audience to the best of their ability, and is a sort of finale to playing a song together.

  15. Danse Diabolique- The notes I missed weren’t as obvious as I thought they were. Overall the piece sounded nice. I managed to hit most of the high notes.

    Some of the higher notes I played were squeaky, and in general I was sharp. The ending of the piece was messy and the articulation blurred. The tempo slowed in some places.

  16. 3. Practice is what you do at home; you work on specific spots in the music that you personally need to work on. Rehearsal is done in a small group or as a band where you work on specific areas of the music that need focusing on. Performance is when you put everything you have worked on together, and play for an audience.

  17. Practice: Your skills, your technique, and your own effort
    Rehearsal: How well can you match what you practiced to the group as a whole?
    Performance: How well can you take what you practiced in rehearsal and take it and turn it into something people would enjoy hearing

  18. 3. Practice is in small sections
    Rehearsal is larger parts focused more on fitting parts together than acurracy in a single part
    Performance is for an audience the entire way through, when everything comes together.

  19. Practice is banging out the the dents of a piece and making sure you have the base of it understood. A rehearsal is a semi formal rendition of a piece where you focus more on the fine tuning of the piece. A performance is a formal display of what you worked on with the kinks all smoothed out.

  20. 3. Practice is working on your parts at home or at sectionals, rehearsal is using those skills you gained in practice and putting them towards a rehearsal with the whole band, and performance is using all the work we did in practice and rehearsals and putting it all together

  21. Apparitions
    balance needed work
    Pitch accuracy was good for the most part, some spots were a little off
    Rhythm was good except for right when we sped up at 41
    Appropriate articulation to the piece made it sound as desired

    Dance diabolique
    Some intonation mistakes
    Rhythm needed a lot of work
    You can tell that we tried to have good musicianship and that worked in the beginning but towards the end you could tell we were tired

  22. In Apparitions our dynamics were well done and we played our rhythms well. The solos sounded nice too.
    Danse Diabolique went well but we could have played a little better. We weren’t always together with one another. Our dynamics were lacking in some aspects as well. The end of the song was a bit rough too. However, we did play many parts together and overall produced a good piece.

  23. In danse diabilique we did good overall but there were a couple of murky spots where we could have practiced it a bit more and we pushed tempo a couple of times

  24. Apparitions:
    The tone was very pretty in the beginning. We need to improve our articulation and dynamics as well.

    Dance Diabolique:
    We really need to work on articulation and matching up the pitches with each other. Dynamics were forgotten too.

  25. Apparitions: Soloists blended well together, band was in tune, percussion sometimes overshadowed the rest of the band, cool percussion sounds, argue sections sounded like one instrument playing chords

    Danse: Second set of instruments playing triplets went too fast, followed by pause and more triplets, occasionally flutes didn’t blend well on high notes, dynamics were equal between the sections, solos didn’t miss notes and stayed in time

    Ghostbusters: sounds good from group, melody can be heard, some parts which alone don’t sound like ghostbusters or wouldn’t blend from another point of view blend well to sound like the melody,

  26. Aparations: sounded a little out of tune at beginning. Some instruments stuck out more than others, which is good at some parts. Percussion sounded cool! Last few bars for percussion was good.

    I think we did okay, but it could have better. Not everyone one was completely together. Never realized how long the song was.

    I think practice is working on songs/ parts that aren’t easy and to make them easier. Rehearsal is making sure the band is together, tuned and going more in depth with dynamics Etc. performance is showing the audience our song and trying our hardest so the practice and rehearsal pay off.

  27. Apparitions: The entrances seemed hesitant. I feel the piece went well. Needs more dynamic contrast.

    Danse: the tempo seemed a bit fluid and it didn’t seem to stay the same. I think we played it much better in rehearsal than in

    Ghostbusters went well, but no one played the high part in the middle.

  28. Apparitions

    The beginning and end were very subtle and smooth.
    We weren’t all together throughout the piece.
    The flute solo was really pretty.

    Dance Diabolique

    Flutes rushed most of the time.
    The high and low parts were really off for almost the entire piece.
    We were off on the transition from triplets to the next section.
    The end was rough.
    We were together for the first note of many sections and then split into different tempos.
    A lot of entrances were too early.

    Ghost Busters

    Very little musicality (few dynamics or articulation)

  29. It sounded cool, maybe more dynamics

    Good dynamics, the triplets at the end got a little bit messy

    Ghostbusters was fun, there were parts that probably needed a little work

  30. Apparitions: the flutes were not very promenent and played very soft. In some spots the flutes were not heard at all. Overall the whole band played very soft in some spots.
    Dance Diabolique: in some areas there were slips and missed notes. There also were places where the band faded out when we weren’t supposed to. We also played in higher volumes than we needed to at times

  31. Apparitions: Beginning pitches were slightly off. Good dynamics, more articulation.
    Danse Diaboglique: Sounded rushed in a few spots and slowed down during eighteenth notes. Triplets sounded mushy. Tempo 1 sounded rough and off.

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