Symphonic Band Reflection Page

Kaleidoscope and Holiday Concert Reflection

Listen to the concert recording for your ensemble and write comments about what you hear with each work. In your own words, tell me what you like and what you don’t like. Then, after listening to the whole performance, we will discuss the the six following areas.


  1. Tone Quality(Balance and Blend)
  2. Intonation/Pitch Accuracy
  3. Rhythm
  4. Technique
  5. Interpretation/Musicianship
  6. Articulation-Winds Execution – Perc.


SAHS Bands Performance Rubric

53 thoughts on “Symphonic Band Reflection Page

  1. in the kaleidoscope concert, we blended well together, we had some missed notes that you could hear if you were paying attention close enough. in the night before christmas, it was difficult for us to be constantly switching keys and time signatures. you could hear us mess it up a few times. our soloists preformed excellent!

  2. (rewrite) I think we sounded good for the first couple concerts that we played together. I think we can work on rhythm because we rush. In my opinion, our tone quality sounds pretty good and our technique is also good. When we apply it, our articulation and interpretation are good also. We could learn to balance our tones better with each other.

  3. I believe that our tone quality in our first piece was pretty good all together. Our intonation and pitch accuracy was a little off and I believe this because some parts just didn’t sound right. Our rythym was overall pretty good and I believe that some parts were a little off but we improved by the holiday concert. Our technique was good in terms of our aprroach on the music.

  4. I Think that during our first concert, we did good at playing in time but could play more dynamics. During our winter concert, I think we played with a better sound and have improved a lot. I also thought it was fun playing a combined piece at the end.

  5. 1. Tone is around a 3 to 4. Tone is really good but has some errors with some spots that are not very clean. Our tone balanced each not for the most part. We may have to work on blending or connecting our notes.
    2. We are mostly accurate with our pitch with a few exceptions. We are to move up and done well. We seem to be able to jump around with our notes well. For Intonation/Pitch Accuracy I would give a solid 3 almost hitting 3.5. I think we need to work on playing a not exceptionally clear so that no matter what we hit a clear pitch. We don’t sound clear enough.
    3.Rhythm seems really good. I can’t hear many mistakes. I’d give a solid 4 for Ryrhm. I can tell in Viva La Vida some people did not have the ryrhm down.
    4. We execute our performances really well. The definition of technique on Google is “a way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure.” We definitely do a great job of executing our music well. I’d give us a 4 for technique.
    5. We did very good in the category of Inferpretation/Musicanship. We had amazing posture. We had good dynamics. We played the song as it was written. We gave the song meaning and did a great job in the category. I would give us a 4.3. Excellent work!
    5. Our Articulation is was for the most part decent. I thought we did good but I notice a lot of the time we done hold some tied note. The Percusion was sometimes ahead of us by 3/4 a beat or behind us 1/4 a beat (by us a I mean the rest of the band). The percussion I don’t think had many mistakes but there was some miscommunication between the percussion and the rest of the band. For the most part we did fine.

  6. Tone is 3
    Rythem 4
    Sound 3
    intonation 2
    Technique 3
    Musicianship 4
    Articulation 3
    I like how we kept rythem and still used articulation the one think I didn’t like was intonation the final song was a little rushed and didn’t sound as good if we did It by our selves

    Tone 4
    Intonation 3
    Rythem 4
    Technique 3
    Musicianship 3
    Articulation 4
    I hope the second song I better
    The second one is way better
    The throes song was really good it sounded nice

  7. I would say a little out of tune in the trumpet section. Joy was an all out good song and I think we played it well. Few wrong notes in penniton gap. Now listening to penniton gap I have noticed that it is a really long song in my mind. All around good concert I thought.
    Away in the manger was good, still out of tune.
    Hebrew was good. The volume control and articulations where good.
    Tone was good for the Christmas song. Timing was as well good. A lot of thing lined up really nice. I think that concert was better than th other one, we have improved so much since the first concert and can’t wait to see the next concert

  8. The tone of the second song at the kaleidoscope concert was really good but the tone on the first song could be more clear. The rhythms in general were clear and good. Overall the second concert had more accurate and clear notes. On the Christmas song we could have had better rhythm.

  9. The main thing I noticed about the band is we play to soft and I think we needed to play louder in the Kalidescope Concert. In the Holiday Concert we didn’t start together really well in the second song we need to work more on the start of the piece. in the third song we played really loud and had very good rhythm.

  10. Our playing was pretty good on the first concert and by the second concert our playing had gotten louder and more clear.

  11. For our first concert we did okay. Tone and rhythm could of been improved on. In both concerts we rushed at some points and were not in tune. We improved on everything by the second concert.

  12. First band concert
    I think the sound and beat when really well in joy we practiced on making sure and the end that we could really hit the notes get louder then drop at a moments notice and the really worked well for us there is a great balance in my opinion because instead of a tug of war we hand it over nicely and we get it back musicianship we all have Grown so much over a short time but only now have I released how far we have come we have all developed are own we play during our performances and this is reinforced by viva la vida where we have everyone together and from the tuba section I can hear people around me doing there own thing making sure they hit their sound on the mark a nice job overall

    Second band concert
    On this concert we had a lot of solos and everyone who hit their solo part did really well making sure they have that harmony that moves really well into the ending and the beginning but for me in HM I got into the momentum of everything and I made an all or nothing sound when it is tapped after the end of the slow start then we get faster and faster still keeping up our rhythm in check while still keeping our technique at a fast tempo our balance I would see it is better than the first concert we have improved but we still have a long way to go on the Night Before Christmas we all are dealing with 6/8 time and going back and forth between 4/4 and 6/8 time this was really hard for our band but we pulled it off but I sure if we had a little bit more time we could polish it more but we still did well for just learning 6/8 time our pitch could be better with more time so can everything

  13. 1.The tone quality of our performance was around a 4 as the quality could have increased. The blend of our sounds could have gotten better.

    2.The pitch accuracy is almost right on point as we hit almost every note. Every section hit a wrong note at some point but the note was covered up most likely.

    3.Rhythm is almost perfect, in some parts we do rush. The Rhythm was on point until one section itself was playing and they either rushed or slowed down.

    4. Our technique was acceptable but not very good and could improve. We could have put our instruments up during rest, insurments out of stand, etc.

    5.Our musicianship was was fairly good but we did not add very much veriatiin to the original song. We did not interpret many parts into our songs.

    6.Our articulation of our songs was around a 4 as they could get better. We articulated our notes well it’s just we could have articulated better in some specific places.

    Overall our concerts went very well.

  14. Tone: 3.5
    Accuracy: 4.5
    Rythem: 5
    Technique: 4.5
    Musicianship: 4
    Execution: 4

    The biggest improvement we could make, is the melody probably needed to stand out more.
    Also, some sectional break-down would maybe have helped.
    The dynamic contrast was really good as well.

  15. In the kaleidoscope concert i think we did well on our sound In the holiday concert i think we did better with spacing out our notes better and we had batter articulations

  16. I think that we did pretty decent the first concert but we’re definitely not the best at the begging of the year but the second concert we were a 100 times better because we were able to have more practice and more time to prepare.

  17. Holiday Concert
    1st performance:
    Rhythm was on a lot of the time 3
    Articulated pretty well 4
    Tone was okay at the start but then got better 3
    Pitch 3
    Technique 4
    Interpretation/Musicianship 4
    Solos were good and added to the performance
    2nd performance:
    Rhythm was a bit off at times 3
    Articulation was pretty good 4
    Pitch was on 4/5
    Tone was okay 3
    Technique 4
    Interpretation/Musicianship 4
    Good speeding up at the end
    3rd performance:
    Rhythm was good 5
    Tone sounded sorta weird at times but was good 4
    Articulation went really well 5
    Pitch was okay 4
    Technique 4
    Interpretation/Musicianship: some mistakes 4
    4th performance:
    Pitch was off at times but still good 4
    Tone was alright 3
    Articulation was good mostly 4
    Rhythm was good and practiced well 4
    Technique: done well, sometimes too loud 3
    Interpretation/Musicianship: songs sounded well thought out 5

  18. Often times, other instruments wouldn’t quiet down enough for the ones that have the melody or the people with the melody wouldn’t play loud enough for them to be heard. The rhythms were fine, and you could never really hear someone playing the rhythm wrong. There weren’t too many dynamics, it all just sounded loud.
    For the second concert, the dynamics got a better from the first one. At times all the music sounded jumbled up and you couldn’t clear hear what was going on. Mistakes could sometimes be heard, but it didn’t take away from the song.

  19. Kaleidoscope
    In Pennington Gap there was a little bit of intonation problems and tone quality error.

    Overall there was not a lot of arrticulations, but the rythym was good.

    There was a lot more dynamic contest in this concert compared to the last one.
    There were a few areas with some intonation errors but not as bad as the first concert.

  20. The kaleidoscope concert sounded good for he most part the technique was pretty good. The combined number sounded pretty good and the rhythm was nice. Overall we just need to work on are articulation to sound clearer.

    The winter concert was good as well. We could work on are pitch a little to make it sound even better. The rhythm was nice and on beat. For the switches between the music could have been shorter. The articulaten was definitely better then the kaleidoscope concert but could do some more work. This concert also had more dynamic contrast the the kaleidoscope concert witch sounded good.

  21. In the first concert our rythem was good in the first song and in the second it went down. The tone stayed the same but was pretty low. Our pitch in the second had improved from the first but was at the even we needed it at. In Hebrew Melody we could’ve done better on tounging some of our notes. In Arabian Dances our transition between phrases could’ve been more noticible but also more blended. The trumpets could’ve not have blasted all of a sudden in some parts with sound.

  22. Sound pretty well for the most part. We just need to be more clear with our sounds. The cold play song sounds really good. Both bands sounded really really good together. We should do more like that. Our own band we should spend more time working on songs instead of in the fullest book or scales etudes book.
    Saxophones sound really nice and clear tones. We sound ok. Away in a manger was not the best song. We sounded ok, but should have spent more time in it. Sound really well for the most part. I like how it all sounds. Love the temporary in our second song, we should do more like that. Nice and cruel ending and how we cut it off in sinc with one another. Arabian dances sounds really good. Trumpets are a clear sound. We all sound really nice. Ending was super nice. Our last sound was in time. Very loud sounds but they sound good. Flutes sound really nice. Our band sounds really nice. I think that we just need to practice sounds more than we do scales etude book or the fussel book.

  23. Sounds great but at the start it sort of sounds weak or sorta like there might have been off notes but throughout the video everything gets better. Personally I like Hebrew medley and Arabian dances because of the execution of the notes; I also think that the accuracy, rythm, and tone improved in these songs. The Christmas concert also had these improvements, also loud.

  24. The sound quality was good.The second song our dynamics were really good. The combined song sounded really awesome and filled the room with noise. In our winter concert our rhythms were a lot better then the first concert. Overall we had a lot of improvement from the first concert to the second concert

  25. I could have played better. I was loud, not subtle. I squeaked. I missed too many notes. My rhythm was good. I knew when I was and was not supposed to play. I had good articulation, but I could have been better.

  26. Don’t think our Tina was as good as our first concert
    Rhythm is still very good though
    Intonation has as well dropped a little
    Technique is still quite good
    Musician ship has gotten better
    Articulation has improved as well

  27. The first song of the concert sounded good but there wasn’t very much balance in noise level but by the second song there was a definite difference already in the second concert everything was better articulation tone etc but by the end of the of the performance there complete control over everything

  28. On our kelidescope concert we had good tone quality and rhythm but we could work on our technique. We also had good musicianship.
    On the holiday concert we had better time quality and rhythm and technique. We could still work on our intonation though.

  29. Kaleidoscope Concert
    1st performance:
    Tone was pretty good 3
    Pitch seemed right on 4
    Rhythm was a little off at some parts 3
    Articulation could be better 3
    Technique 4
    Interpretation/Musicianship 4
    2nd performance:
    Tone seemed a bit weird 3
    Pitches seemed mostly good 4
    Rhythm was nice 4
    Articulation was mostly on 4
    Technique 4
    Interpretation/Musicianship 4
    3rd performance:
    Articulated really well 4
    Tone good 3
    Pitches good 4
    Rhythm really good 4
    Technique 5
    Interpretation/Musicianship 3

  30. The sound was very full. I think we could’ve focused more on articulation and been more on key.

  31. Really good sound from each section. Execution was on point. Intonation was nice. Interpretation of the music went really good. Rythum is crazy. Nice articulation. Technique is really nice for this performance

  32. I think I did vary good played lots of notes right but missed some higher notes. And the song peices were good too really fun to play.

  33. The tone quality and intonation is pretty average, the rhythm and technique are pretty good, the interpretation and articulation could be better

  34. Tone and quality-5
    Intonation/pitch accuracy-4
    Articulation-winds execution-Perc.-5

  35. I think our blend could use some work but our intonation was pretty good. Our articulation could also use work in some parts, also just making sure we stay together throughout the entire song. Another thing that could always use more work is our tone.

  36. I like how much sound we had but i think we could have tuned more so we would be more on key. I think we did a good job overall.

  37. I liked how much energy we had throughout most pieces but i don’t like how we didn’t focus on the articulations as much as we could’ve. in my opinion we could’ve been more together as a group and more balanced with volume. other than those i think we did well overall for the concert.

  38. It looks like I’m sitting under a spotlight first of all, but I liked the low sounds and especially the trumpet part sounded really fun.

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