Symphonic Band Reflection Page

Kaleidoscope and Holiday Concert Reflection

Listen to the concert recording for your ensemble and write comments about what you hear with each work. In your own words, tell me what you like and what you don’t like. Then, after listening to the whole performance, we will discuss the the six following areas.


  1. Tone Quality(Balance and Blend)
  2. Intonation/Pitch Accuracy
  3. Rhythm
  4. Technique
  5. Interpretation/Musicianship
  6. Articulation-Winds Execution – Perc.


SAHS Bands Performance Rubric

53 thoughts on “Symphonic Band Reflection Page

  1. I could hear that i was playing some wrong notes here and there and was not holding a good posture at some points.

  2. 1. Arabian dance was very good in blend so was the big group songs
    2. You could hear some wrong notes in the trumpets and the clarinets
    3 we definitely improved in the rhythm between the first concert and the second
    4. I heard some could slurs in Hebrew melody 5.i liked how we played ‘‘twas the night before Christmas
    6. I liked the songs on the second concert better the percusiom was good in viva la vida and carol of the bells

  3. We played well but you can hear that the band missed a few notes throughout the songs but we improved between the two clips

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