Quarter Notes 1.0

Sent 9/3/2017

To All Parents and Student Musicians:

We hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend! Mr. Bryan and I are excited by the first weeks rehearsals.  The Stillwater Bands and Percussion Ensemble are off to a great start.

Below, you will find a list of updates (with links to more information) concerning the operations of the Stillwater Bands.  We hope you find these helpful as we begin the school year.


Communication for the Stillwater Bands will occur in the following ways.

Skyward will be the primary portal for all large email and grades.  

Schoology is a new application that will see greatly expanded use in our district.  It works much like a social media platform, but inside a secure environment.  The Stillwater Bands will use this tool as the primary communication to students in all the ensembles.  

REMIND is a communication tool that allows you to receive quick updates or texts on your mobile device.  The Stillwater Bands will have a program wide Remind that parents and students can sign up for at the link below. Each ensemble will also have a Remind specific to that ensemble.  Information for individual ensemble reminds is available on their Schoology page.


Or text @sahsbands to 81010

Our website, stillwaterbands.net is the primary source of all the information for the Stillwater Bands.  In fact, most of the links in this email direct you to pages in this website.  Please consider following its blog (at the bottom of the page) to follow updates on this site.

Performance Calendar

Great efforts have been made by our Activities Department to coordinate all district calendars.  For the bands, you can see our performance calendar on our website as you have in the past.  However, it now is synced with the activity calendars on our high school web site.

Stillwater Bands Handbook

The Stillwater Bands Handbook (page link above) and its subpages provide students and parents with the Policies, procedures and opportunities that exist in the Stillwater Bands.  Below, we have highlighted the several pages that you should review at the top of the year.  


Concert Attire

Instrument Rental/Percussion Usage Fees

Student Leadership


The Stillwater Bands have several ways in which they raise money.  We would encourage you to explore the Fundraising Page and its subpages on our website to discover our philosophy and the expectations and opportunities that exist for students and their families.

We hope to see you all at the open house on Tuesday, September 5th from 6-9PM.  You will all pass by the Pony Pep Band as you enter!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend.  

Mr. Bryan and Mr. Lindsay