Day 4 wrap up

Rain, rain, rain……. The outdoor concert at the Clinton Presidential library was rained out. However, our future leaders took time to check out the library to its fullest. Who is the next SAHS grad to spend time in the Oval Office??…..…Mr. Denis McDonough (chief of staff for President Obama and class of 1988 SAHS).

We were able to get a bit of time at Central High School (remember the desegregation of schools and the Little Rock nine……this is the place) as well. There you see a group picture…..which included junior baritone saxophonist Chris Fretag….who caught up with the tour after a fantastic 8th place finish in shot out at state! Go ponies!

The drive to Jackson, Mississippi began after lunch. Fortunately, we followed the heavy weather. Jackson, MS saw one of the most unique experiences so far. Here is Mr. Bryan’s description.

After our drive to Jackson, MS, we made an impromptu stop at the Medgar and Myrlie Evers House. We were just going to drive past it, but we noticed a National Park Ranger and a handful of people in front of the house, so we got out to hear more about it. It turns out yesterday was the anniversary of Medgar’s assassination (he died early morning on June 11), and two of the people with the ranger were grand-nieces of Medgar and Myrlie, another was a Jackson City Council Representative. Our brief stop turned into about an hour of stories, background, history and racial justice. They told us about the struggle for equal representation and education, the story of the assassination (you can still see blood on the concrete), and ongoing efforts to fight racism and confront our country’s racial legacy. Our students were engaged the whole time and we agreed afterwards that it was one of the highlights of the tour so far.

Needless to say, these your experiences are unique….this one priceless.

Here are photos to enjoy!