Day 2 Kansas City Zoo and Bowling and Ben Watry’s 18th Birthday!!

Our day started with an early wakeup call……at 2 AM….compliments of heavy weather rolling through Kansas City! We have to lay partial blame with Ryan Zastrow’s haiku from the day before:

To Orleans we go

Please don’t spawn a tornado

As Dorothy may know

Well…… tornados, thank goodness. We hope his limerick from today’s bus competition does not keep us awake tonight.

I wrote a haiku on tornados

I was clueless I’d hit on the nose

It startled me too

As the sirens went wooooo

We will see how the next one goes

After breakfast, we boarded buses and headed to the Kansas City Zoo for our first road performance. It was our first try at streaming on you tube on the road, and we ran issues….as many of you saw….with cell phone band width. We wonder if the heavy weather the night before played a part in that. Although we never got the stream to work, the band played very well….even with a lack of audience. We will chalk that up to a good dress rehearsal….literally, “on the road”!!!

After packing up, the kids spent time at the zoo. You will see lots of photos in the trip photo circle. Here are a few of our personal favorites!

Back on the road, we had our second bus challenge….limericks. Here are a few of the front runners.

The band goes on and flies
Background of sea lion cries
Even though no one stayed
Here the band kept on and played

Still with no audience eyes

Madison Wendorf

I think there are Gnomes in the wall

I hear them creep and I hear them crawl

Traps I have tried

But they have not died

I think I must burn it all

Sam Bethke

My phone is almost dead
When are we going to be fed?
I hope we get there soon
Otherwise I might go boom
Lets swim tonight, now that’s said

Gaby Lehman

We arrived in Springfield, MO a bit earlier than planned, which allowed us to stop at our hotel before pizza and bowling and some birthday wishes for Ben! We celebrated together with cupcakes and singing!

Well, it is obvious the ponies do not have a bowling team, but congrats to Cheyenne Petersen for the top score! Here are a few picts.

Follow me!

The evening finished off with time at the hotel to enjoy the pool. Tomorrow is a busy day full of performing, sightseeing and traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas. We hope to have our livestream up and running.