MSHSL 2020 Solo results

CONGRATULATIONS to our musicians for their outstanding performances at MSHSL Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival, February 8.

Best of Site

Sophie Browning, Clarinet Solo

Ella Grace, Trumpet Solo

Sherilyn Patterson, Flute Solo

Erick Votava, Alto Saxophone Solo

Superior Ratings

  • designates a high superior (38-40 points)

Katie Kangas, Marimba Solo*

Mitchell Ardolf, Marimba Solo

Megan Puhrmann, Marimba Solo

Donovan Roddy, Trombone Solo*

Evin Roddy, Tuba Solo

Ellie Kill, Trumpet Solo

Finn Kraker, Euphonium Solo

Thomas Watry, Trumpet Solo

Henry Lawrence, French Horn Solo

Maddy Koltun, Vibraphone Solo

Ella Grace, Trumpet Solo*

Conner Lange, Euphonium Solo*

Adelyn Oberg, Flute Solo

Peter Leach, Alto Saxophone Solo

Vincent Phan, Tenor Saxophone Solo

Sherilyn Patterson, Flute Solo*

Nick Jackson, Trumpet Solo

Karina Burns, Flute Solo*

Stella Cockson, Flute Solo

Sophie Browning, Clarinet Solo*

John Schaefer, Trumpet Solo*

Nora Wilcek, French Horn Solo*

Spencer Baker, Trumpet Solo

Ella Busch, Clarinet Solo

Isaac Reiner, Tuba Solo*

Cassie Johnson, Flute Solo

Erick Votava, Alto Saxophone Solo*

Cheyenne Peterson, Flute Solo*

Emma Villarreal, Flute Solo*

Peter Grace, Tenor Saxophone Solo*

Hannah Beard, Flute Solo

Sherilyn Patterson, Oboe Solo*

Excellent Ratings

John Benson, Trumpet Solo

Anna Nguyen, Clarinet Solo

Ben Watry, Trombone Solo

Jack Hendrickson, Trombone Solo

Nila Cooper, Clarinet Solo

Jowan Abdullah, Tenor Saxophone Solo

Katie Sanderson, Flute Solo

James Whitehead, Alto Saxophone Solo