A look at the 9-12 SAHS Bands

It is an exciting time in our school district with the upcoming transition to a 9-12 high school.  The changes at the high school will bring greatly expanded opportunities for our musicians and new areas of growth for the Stillwater Bands.  We would like to share with you what is in store for you as a member of the Stillwater bands.

Upgraded music facilities

To accommodate the addition of the freshman musicians,  several new music facilities have been added at the high school.  We have remodeled existing spaces to create two new large sectional rooms, one new large rehearsal room, five new sound isolated practice rooms and a music commons/recital room.  All of these spaces will allow the nearly 1000 band, choir and orchestra musicians to have state of the art rehearsal and practice facilities.

Music Technology for all students

In each of the new practice rooms, full access to music technology has been installed.  Students will now have music ipads and electronic keyboards to  practice, improvise, compose and explore.

Expanded access to private teachers

With more space, we are now able to provide access to more private teachers after the school day.  Starting next fall, our expanded offerings will be available through community education. This will greatly assist our busy musicians, allowing convenient access to private instruction.

Team teaching

With the addition of more students, that means that more teachers will be at the high school all day. This will allow for more ensembles to be team taught, bringing even more opportunities for students to learn and grow.

Expanded performing opportunities

All of these improvements means that students will have expanded opportunities to perform and grow as musicians.  We are excited to have the opportunity to build on the traditions of excellence that have made the Stillwater Bands one of the best programs in Minnesota.

This is the new Stillwater Area High School that is waiting for you next fall.  It is an exciting time of expanded opportunities and new experiences for all.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are excited to have the opportunity to make music with you next year!

Dennis Lindsay                                     Joel Bryan

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