Stillwater Wind Symphony 2016-17

Congratulations.  Our first rehearsal will be on June 3 from 10:30 – 1:00 for graduation.  Our first performance is June 4 at Graduation. The bus to Roy Wilkins will leave at 5:30 sharp!




First Name Last Name Instrument
Kendra Anderson Flute
Macelyn Breen Flute
Stephanie Doe Flute
Ellen Gross Flute
Morgan MacDonald Flute
Catherine Meyer Flute
Daniel Meyer Flute
Emily Scherber Flute
Haley Tholen Flute
Caroline Wrightsman Flute
Grace Zimmer Flute
Kyra Anderson Oboe
Thomas Meyer Oboe
Maia Carter Bassoon
Lily Marchan Bassoon
Caroline Allessi Clarinet
Kaitlin Bloom Clarinet
Karissa Cheshier Clarinet
Grace Gualtieri Clarinet
Brian Jaap Clarinet
Kalista Kensy Clarinet
Lauren Lebourgeois Clarinet
Marley Rich Clarinet
Maya Yokanovich Clarinet
Christopher Gilleo Bass Clarinet
Timothy Kromer Bass Clarinet
Noah Linder Contrabass Clarinet
Jonathon Mino Bass Clarinet
Patrick Allan Alto Saxophone
Nicholas Carlson Alto Saxophone
Dylan Clark Alto saxophone
Andrew Hammerlund Alto Saxophone
David Johnson Alto saxophone
Charles Skaret Alto Saxophone
Erin Bloom Tenor Saxophone
Casey Rorabeck tenor saxophone
Samantha Gater Baritone Saxophone
Brennan Wahto Baritone Saxophone
Hanna Gaetner Trumpet
Brienna Johnson Trumpet
Rachel Kelly Trumpet
Julia Kobilka Trumpet
Beatrice Lawrence Trumpet
Alex Oberg Trumpet
Samuel Payne Trumpet
Hunter Wiehe Trumpet
Ava Yokanovich Trumpet
Louisa Zeuli Trumpet
Nicholas Burbach French Horn
Catherine Clements French Horn
Joshua Ebner French Horn
Colin Gray French Horn
Claire Patterson French Horn
Keyan Shayegan French Horn
Austin Holman Trombone
Elizabeth Morrissey Trombone
Dan Smallidge Trombone
Dan Seagraves Euphonium
Jake England Tuba
Carson Humphrey Tuba
Jack Nelson Tuba
Josh Stivland Tuba
Megan Brandt Percussion
Christopher Burbach Percussion
James Cardenaas Percussion
Aidan Ellison Percussion
Katie Fischer Percussion
Kai Knudson Percussion
Maxilmiian Korth Percussion
Erik Moline Percussion
Joseph Weber Percussion