Billies Bounce

Billies Bounce – Charlie Parker

We will do this as a head chart in an up swing.  It is a blues in F, so everyone can solo.  Then, we will play the Mike Tomaro arrangement you hear below (It is really cool!).  I have provided lead sheets for the tune so you all can learn the head.

Billies BounceInEb – Alto and Bari saxes, Head Chart

Billies BounceInBb – Tenor Saxes and Trumpets/Clarinets, Head Chart

BilliesBounceInC – Piano/Vibes/Guitar, Head Chart

Billies BounceBassClef – Bass/Trombones, Head Chart

Drum Set – Listen to the recordingS below as a model.  I have also provided a play along so you can practice with a rhythm section. FOR THE ARRANGEMENT BY TOMARO, THERE IS A WRITTEN PART.

Full Chart Parts

Saxophones BB Chart

Trumpet BB Chart

Trombone BB Chart


Guitar Bass and Drum BB char

BB solo Scale sheets

Solo Information:Billie Bounce